VOMI is a non-profit organization that will service and support victims through the grief process and educate the victim on victim rights and victim compensation process so that they are aware and understand these rights. Although we are a spiritual based support group of volunteers we also have licensed therapist, grief counselors to assist in reducing and alleviating the pain and grief of re-victimization as well as victimization. We take pride in reviving the voice of the one attached to such hurt. We are the voice of the victim through court trials process, healing and victim assistance. Our focus is on the consistency with family and one-on-one support with victims.

Our commitment is to educate and mentor both the victim and the offender, which makes our organization unique. We are seeking for the individual healing from the harm caused by the offender as well as healing of guilt that the offender may have due to the offense.

Victim Offender Mitigation Initiative
8720 E. Colfax Ave Suite 208
Denver, CO 80220