The offender services for juvenile lifers without the possibility of parole is to:

• Provide them with a safe haven of support throughout their incarceration

• Reaching out with empathy, forgiveness and redemption

• Giving juveniles an alternative to guilt and self blame

• Mediating restorative justice for juvenile offenders

• Clergy visits and spiritual support sessions

Juvenile Advocacy is based on the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth. The campaign for the fair sentencing of youth is dedicated to ending the practice of sentencing youth to prison for the rest of their lives without hope of release.

Colorado has 50 kids serving juvenile lifers without the possibility of parole; all but one is male. 57% committed their crime at age seventeen, 22% at sixteen, 17% at fifteen and 4% were fourteen. Raical disparities exist strongly among juveniles serving life without the possibility of parole: 4.4% of the population is black, but 26% of those serving without the possiblity of parole are black and 70.9% of children in the state are white, yet they make up 29% of those serving wihtout the possibility of parole. Two-thirds convicted for murder, one-third for felony murder and one-third committed gang related offenses. Most crimes involved guns and all but two committed their crimes with other teens or adults. The first offense put most behind bars for life. Colorado has direct file which means prosecutors have absolute control of who is filed as juvenile or adult. Learn more by visitng the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth at www.endjlwop.org.

Victim Offender Mitigation Initiative

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