Mission Statement
To alleviate and reduce the severity of emotional guilt and pain due to grief, loss or harm caused and committed by victim or offender.

Vision Statements
Providing avenue's of opportunity for victims by:

  1. The introduction of a restorative justice philosophy
  2. One on one 12 weeks of mentoring emotional support
  3. Empowering and alleviating, not enabling the victims
  4. Softening the pain of grief & guilt by being the voice of the victim through court trials, counseling and victim assistance
  5. Aiding and educating the victim with victim rights and the victim compensation process with district agency.

Providing avenue’s of opportunity for offenders by:

  1. The introduction of our correspondence program, where our support group will adopt an inmate
  2. Clergy county and prison visits, where the spiritual support is key for mental and personal development
  3. Attending parole hearings
  4. Mentorship and guidance through the nearing release date
  5. Mediation, restorative justice facilitating for offenders that have suffered guilt and desiring to make amends with victims and facilitating that process with victim and offender.

Victim Offender Mitigation Initiative

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