"Sharletta Evans and I became acquainted four years ago as she sought an unprecedented meeting with the teenager who had killed her son, Casson, in a drive-by shooting. From that beginning, I joined her as she embarked on an extraordinary journey to forgiveness and reconciliation. Having suffered an unfathomable tragedy, Sharletta changed her story into an inspired life lesson as she engaged in the healing process of restorative justice. Relying on her faith and her belief in the ultimate goodness of people, Sharletta describes a remarkable transformative experience culminating in an extraordinary face to face meeting in a maximum security prison with the former gang member who murdered her son. For those of us who traveled with her and for all who learn about it, Sharletta's story is a life changing experience. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to get to know Sharletta on a more personal level. She is a compassionate, caring, extraordinary individual."

Representative Pete Lee, CO House District 18

"Sharletta Evans is a dynamic and provocative speaker, one whose life's work has been shaped by her own remarkable journey to healing from personal tragedy. She can command and inspire an audience as well as anyone I have ever heard with her empathy, insight, honesty, and passion for social justice."

Alan Prendergast, Westord Denver

Victim Offender Mitigation Initiative

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