• The Introduction of a Restorative Justice philosophy

• Empowering and alleviating, not enabling the victims

• One on one 12 weeks of mentoring emotional support, in 90 day increments

• Empowering and alleviating, not enabling the victims

• Softening the pain of grief & guilt by being the voice of the victim through court trials.

• On-going support throughout the criminal justice process.

• Mediation for victims and their, family, or others who may impact a victim’s recovery

• Informing victims of their rights under the Colorado Constitution

• Education on victim’s rights and victim compensation agencies, helping the victim with application for Crime Victims' Compensation and referrals to help them with emergency safety or financial needs

• Criminal justice information

• Crisis intervention, criminal justice information and referrals to help victims and witnesses deal with the suffering, pain and life change that result from criminal victimization

Victim Offender Mitigation Initiative
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Denver, CO 80220